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Here are some tips you should know about ATS Online that will make your experience better:

  • Forgot your Username and/or Password? Did you keep the email with your username and password you would have received when you signed up? If not - please note you have 3 consecutive attempts before the system "locks you out" of the account for 30 minutes after your last attempt. If you try again before the 30 minutes is up the system will reset the 30 minutes from that last attempt even if the password was correct. So be patient! If you are a Learner trying to login and forgot your username or password, you should contact your local Administrator. They can provide your account information to you. If you are an Administrator and you forgot the username and/or password the same system rule applies in it will lock you out for 30 minutes. If you cannot find your credentials you will need to contact ATS support at the phone number or email located near the top of this page. Also please make sure you are using the correct URL to access the Learner side or the Admin side.


  •  Good news for Action Training Online users! Our courses are now HTML5 based courses. This means you can take courses with your portable devices such as Android phones & tablets, iPhones & iPads, Nooks & Kindles and Mac that support HTML5. PC's of course with up to date browsers will work too.


  • On September 22nd, 2017 the Action Training Online system will be unavailable for possibly four days. Action Training Online will be upgrading to the new Absorb 5 LMS platform. We will do everything we can to minimize the time the system will be unavailable. Please stay tuned for additional information.





  • StageIT reached "End of Life" on 06/30/16
  • No support is offered for this product



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