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HAZMAT Training

Hazardous materials incidents can put responders and the public at risk.  It’s critical that emergency responders have the knowledge and skills to manage these emergencies. Action Training Systems has 4 different series on Hazardous Material training to address these training needs. All programs teach to current NFPA standards. 


Programs in this series include: HAZMAT Awareness, Containment, Decontamination and Response.



  • Programs are available online and on DVD.
  • With StageIT, our emergency response simulator, digitally create and re-create HAZMAT and other emergency scenarios. 
  • PowerPoint presentations based on our content are editable and allow instructors to input their own images and text.
  • Question files based on program content can be used with the FITZ Quiz Generator to make generating quizzes easy and customizable.
  • Our programs provide excellent certification and re-certification test preparation.
  • All training materials teach to professional standards and are recommended companions to the leading manuals and curricula. To support our HAZMAT programs, we offer materials by IFSTA/Fire Protection Publications of Oklahoma State University, the leading American provider of fire service training information. Complete your blended learning environment with IFSTA’s Hazardous Materials for First Responders,  manual, clip art and customizable curriculum.

By combining our multimedia expertise with the power of other respected publishers and educators, we can create a total training solution to help consolidate instruction time and limit expense.


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