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EMR Online & DVD programs

This series includes 25 programs, on a variety of topics, each 15-20 minutes in length.The series utilizes the National EMS Educational Standards, as well as the text, Emergency Medical Responder: First on Scene (9th ed. –Brady/Pearson).   Content review provided by co-author of this text, Chris J. Le Baudour as well as a host on national subject matter experts.

The complete EMR: Emergency Medical Responder DVD series. 25 DVDs - Save $560 off the individual price.
DVD Price $5,065.00  
ATS CUSTOM VERSION - Emergency Medical Responder: First on Scene, 9th Edition Manual. Formerly "First Responder" (Brady Publishing)
A customized version of the new Emergency Medical Responder: First on Scene, 9th Edition Manual from Brady. This version includes instructor/ student chapter references to Action Training Systems all new EMR series. Both book and multi-media series teach to the current National Emergency Medical Services Education Standards. Authors - Chris Le Baudour, J. David Bergeron, Gloria Bizjak, Keith Wesley. The foundation of this text is the new NEMSES for Emergency Medical Responder, and it also includes the 2010 American Heart Association guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and First Aid.
Book Price $92.00  
#1 - Scene Safety & Management
Presents factors for evaluating scene safety, including size-up and common scene hazards. Describes scene management factors, focusing on assessing the impact of environment on patient care and patient protection. Presents protocols for safe response to vehicle collisions with an emphasis on injury prevention.
DVD Price $225.00  
#2 - Workforce Safety
Describes pathogenic risk, including how infectious diseases are spread. Demonstrates standard precautions, including when and how they should be used and addresses what procedures to follow if an exposure occurs. Explains body mechanics and demonstrates emergency and urgent moves, including how to move and position patients.
DVD Price $225.00  
#3 - Primary Patient Assessment
Demonstrates primary patient assessment stages, including establishing patient consciousness and response. Demonstrates techniques for assessing and managing airway and breathing status for responsive and unresponsive patients. Demonstrates techniques for assessing and managing circulatory status. Presents the steps for history-taking, including determining the mechanism of injury, the nature of illness and associated signs and symptoms.
DVD Price $225.00  
#4 - Secondary Patient Assessment
Presents the areas of focus for conducting a secondary assessment. Demonstrates the steps for performing a physical examination as part of a secondary assessment. Demonstrates assessment of vital signs and the steps for conducting a reassessment, including how and when to reassess.
DVD Price $225.00  
#5 - Airway Management
Presents important factors in respiratory effort. Describes assessing signs of adequate and inadequate airways and the common causes of airway obstructions. Demonstrates techniques for assuring a patent airway, including through the use of manual airway maneuvers, mechanical airway devices and relief of foreign body obstructions. Describes the factors and procedures for upper airway suctioning.
DVD Price $225.00  
#6 - Artificial Ventilation
Presents assessment techniques for adequate and inadequate ventilation and oxygenation. Demonstrates supplemental oxygen therapy equipment and procedures for patients with inadequate ventilation. Describes normal ventilation and positive pressure ventilation processes.
DVD Price $225.00  
#7 - Respiratory Compromise
Describes abnormal adult breathing and its symptoms. Presents the causes of respiratory compromise, including impaired airway, impaired ventilation and impaired respiration. Demonstrates techniques for assessing adequate and inadequate respiration for responsive and unresponsive patients and demonstrates techniques for managing inadequate respiration and respiratory distress.
DVD Price $225.00  
#8 - Bleeding
Presents general considerations in bleeding emergencies, including the potential for shock. Describes the types of external bleeding, including arterial, venous and capillary and how to recognize them. Demonstrates the care of external bleeding patients, including direct pressure, pressure dressings and tourniquets. Describes the types of internal bleeding and their causes, signs and symptoms. Demonstrates management practices for patients with internal bleeding.
DVD Price $225.00  
#9 - Shock
Presents the causes, signs and symptoms of shock and demonstrates the management techniques for treating shock patients. Describes anaphylactic shock, its causes, assessment findings and treatment.
DVD Price $225.00  
#10 - Cardiovascular
Describes symptoms of and demonstrates care for cardiac compromise. Describes causes, assessment and management for chest pain. Presents cardiac arrest and the symptoms and causes of congestive heart failure.
DVD Price $225.00  
#11 - Resuscitation
Describes the causes and implications of respiratory failure. Presents considerations for resuscitation, including airway control and ventilation. Demonstrates chest compressions for one and two rescuers, based on the 2010 CPR and Emergency Cardiovasuclar Care guidelines as determined by the AHA and ILCOR. Presents automatic external defibrillation procedures for adults, children, infants and special situations.
DVD Price $225.00  
#12 - Behavioral Emergencies
Presents factors for assessing patients in behavioral emergencies, including suicide risk and substance abuse. Describes the kinds of behavior changes that can pose a danger, including their causes. Presents methods to calm and provide care to behavioral emergency patients.
DVD Price $225.00  
#13 - Neurological Emergencies
Describes the common causes of altered mental status, seizures and strokes. Presents assessment findings and demonstrates emergency medical care considerations in cases of patients with seizures and strokes.
DVD Price $225.00  
#14 - Head & Spine Injuries
Presents assessment and management factors for acutely injured patients suffering from head injuries, scalp injuries and brain injuries. Describes common causes, signs and symptoms for spine injuries and demonstrates assessment and management techniques for both responsive and unresponsive patients suffering from spine injuries.
DVD Price $225.00  
#15 - Blood Sugar & Dialysis Emergencies
Describes common endocrine disorders, including high blood glucose, low blood glucose and diabetes. Presents the signs and symptoms of blood glucose emergencies as well as hemodialysis emergencies and demonstrates techniques for managing them.
DVD Price $225.00  
#16 - Infectious Diseases & Toxicology
Presents infectious disease awareness, including explaining transmission routes. Discusses carbon monoxide poisoning and the role of the National Poison Control Center. Presents poisoning by nerve agents, including describing exposure routes, assessment findings and management considerations. Presents nerve agent antidote autoinjector kits, including when to give treatment as well as the steps for administering an autoinjector.
DVD Price $225.00  
#17 - Cold, Heat & Submersion
Presents the factors contributing to cold emergencies, heat emergencies and submersion. Describes the signs and symptoms of hypothermia, localized cold emergencies, heat emergencies and submersion and demonstrates management techniques for each.
DVD Price $225.00  
#18 - Obstetrics & Neonatal Care
Discusses bleeding in and management for pregnant patients. Presents assessment factors for pregnant patients, including the signs of labor and the stages of labor and delivery. Describes physical examination procedures for pregnant patients. Presents how to care for the mother and baby and factors for assisting pregnant trauma patients.
DVD Price $225.00  
#19 - Pediatrics
Demonstrates patient assessment and physical examination for pediatric emergencies. Presents assessment and management factors and demonstrates management techniques for pediatric respiratory emergencies. Presents the causes of, assessment factors for and demonstration of management techniques for shock and seizures in pediatric patients. Describes assessment and care for pediatric trauma patients.
DVD Price $225.00  
#20 - Geriatrics
Presents common age-associated changes in older patients and assessment and physical examination factors for elder emergencies. Presents assessment and management considerations for elderly trauma patients.
DVD Price $225.00  
#21 - Trauma Patient Assessment
Describes the National Triage Trauma Protocol guidelines for categorizing trauma patients. Describes common mechanisms of injury in adults and children and demonstrates assessment of trauma patients with and without significant mechanisms of injury.
DVD Price $225.00  
#22 - Abdominal Trauma
Presents assessment techniques for and symptoms of abdominal and gastrointestinal disorders. Demonstrates management practices for patients with abdominal pain. Presents specific acute abdominal conditions, including abdominal bleeding and its common causes, assessment factors and symptoms. Demonstrates emergency response procedures for abdominal trauma, including eviscerations and impaled objects.
DVD Price $225.00  
#23 - Chest & Multi-System Trauma
Describes the symptoms and management of sucking chest wounds. Demonstrates emergency management requirements for impaled objects in the chest. Presents factors to consider in cases of multi-system trauma.
DVD Price $225.00  
#24 - Soft Tissue Trauma
Describes soft tissue trauma, including abrasions and lacerations. Describes penetrations, punctures and impaled objects. Presents the causes, signs, symptoms and treatment for foreign bodies in the eye. Describes severity and depth of burns and burn management, including calculating the extent of burns, the kinds of burns and how to provide emergency treatment for burns. Demonstrates the kinds of dressings and bandages and how to apply them.
DVD Price $225.00  
#25 - Orthopedic Trauma
Describes common bone injuries and their causes. Presents the signs and symptoms for fractures and dislocations and demonstrates emergency medical care procedures for bone injuries.
DVD Price $225.00  
PowerPoint® course reference presentation for all 25 EMR titles.
CBT Price $975.00  
987 Questions formatted for use with the FITS Quiz Generator software program. Must have the FITS Quiz Generator to use these files. ATS question files are sold only to Fire Service trainers/instructors operating under the auspices of fire departments and training agencies, not to trainees.
CBT Price $350.00  

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